The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things.

“The Walrus and the Carpenter” has always been on my list of favourite poems. It’s appropriate too, since I want to have a little sit-down with my readers, friends, family, and the strangers who have meandered onto my blog and who have stuck around to read this far.

I’m going to be taking an indefinite hiatus from blogging. Whether or not this is a temporary decision, and I come crawling back after a couple of weeks, remains to be seen. Since I knew I had a decision to make, I invited some fantastic writers to help me out by guest posting while I hummed and hawed over my choice. But the choice is made, and I am bittersweetly excited.

Why quit? As many bloggers know, writing a blog is a time consuming affair, and a pure labour of love. Don’t listen to any of the crap out there that says you can monetize your blog into a passive income goldmine. There are a few amazing writers who have done it, but not without years (and I do mean years) of carefully pruning their blogs, improving their craft, and redesigning again and again and again. They spend hours hunched over a computer screen, laboriously learning CSS and HTML, while pouring their heart out to strangers and offering their lives up for judgement.

You’ll notice I didn’t actually answer the question. I have fully enjoyed every aspect of the above mentioned paragraph, even the frustrating moments. The points that I wished to illustrate about blogging are a) commitment of time, and b) privacy.

Over the past 6 months, my life has gotten really good. Like, really really good. A lot of it is thanks to this here blog-eroo. Here are some of the amazing things that have happened:

  • I paid off my car in full.  After 14 months, I paid back the entirety of $14,998, plus the accumulated interest that was incurred during the borrowing period. Essentially, I paid off a $16,000 loan, all while living on my own and with no support.
  • I’m in the best shape of my life. Last Sunday I ran 16k, and I was tired, but I could’ve kept going and easily have finished the equivalent of a half marathon. I have lost 5lbs (in a healthy, natural way) since the beginning of January. You can even see the faint outline of a six pack. I am starting to get ripped, baby!
  • I’m living in the largest apartment I’ve ever been in. I have a great unobstructed East-facing view, gorgeous furniture, and fantastic nearby amenities.
  • I have a well-paying job, with a very nice boss and coworkers who all treat me extremely well. My job description is evolving to give me more duties and responsibility. I am eager for the challenge.
  • I have decided that I’m ready to go back to school to become a teacher. I have to take one full English credit to do so, and I’ve already gotten a jump start on the coursework because I’m so excited for the February 1st start date. I am enjoying the material immensely. Since job prospects for teachers in Canada are presently abyssmal, I am looking at travelling internationally to get the experience, potentially Korea, Australia, or New Zealand. Or, I could potentially teach up in the Arctic Circle for a year, which would be incredible experience. This is several years down the road, but I am positive that going into the educational field is the right decision for me.
  • In February, I will be getting on a plane for the first time since grade 8, and I’ll be going to sunny Florida for 5 days. This is my Christmas present from my bf…we’ll be swimming with dolphins (I hope) and visiting the Harry Potter theme park. I am more excited than a cat with a laser pointer.
  • I have developed some really awesome, long-lasting friendships with incredible people.

The only problem with now having this incredible life is that I need more hours in the day. In addition, my blog has been very personal. But, as much as I love comments and the encouragement that is sometimes offered up, I’m excited to make my decisions in the future and only telling a select group of people. There’s a big wide world out there, and I’m ready to start consulting my quiet inner voice of intuition, which all too often gets drowned out by my own blah blah blahing.

Okay, pretentious metaphor time.  As a runner and an athlete, I enjoy training with others, but on the day of the race, I prefer to put in my headphones and run alone, setting my own pace and competing against my own personal bests. At heart, I am and always have been a solitary creature. This blog, and the insanity of my life leading up to this moment, have felt like a sometimes painful training process. But in so many ways, I have finally arrived at the start of the race, armed with new knowledge and muscles built from some tough learning experiences. Even though I still have so much to learn, and a marathon’s worth of work to do, I will happily be running this race in obscurity.

Just reading back on this you’d think I was issuing a press release about the Pope giving up Catholicism, instead of one relatively unknown blogger bidding her readership adieu. But I wanted to thoroughly explain my decision, as opposed to plastering “Money Rabbit is no more!” across the header.

I will never, ever stop writing. I will also be continuing my lifelong love of personal finance, and I’ll definitely still be commenting and interacting with other bloggers. And I’m still here, even if I’m not blogging. I’ll be keeping the site up and running in case anyone wants to comment on old posts or get in touch.

To my subscribers, I’d love it if you could keep me on, since I may crawl back in a month or two. I’ve also asked Frenchie if he’d be interested in writing a guest post, since he has a sophisticated Bay Street view of finance which dwarfs my musings on mutual funds. I think a post like that will definitely be worth reading (whaddaya think I am, biased?!)

If you’re looking for some other blogs, I can wholehearted endorse the following, depending on what you’re after.  There are more listed on my blogroll, but these are by far my favourite:  Give Me Back My Five Bucks, Financial Uproar, Cents of a Country Girl, The Asian Pear, When Life Gives You Lemons, Two Degrees of Unemployment and Blonde on a Budget.

Of course, you can still find me on Twitter. I may eventually change my name, but I’ll still be haunting the Twitterverse.

Well…that’s it.

Money Rabbit, out.

Here's looking at you, kid.

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24 Responses to “Goodnight, and Good Luck”

  1. Bridget says:

    I love your blog and I’m going to miss it so much! But it seems like you’re leaving in a good place, and I’m glad you’ll still be on twitter (I want to hear about Teacher’s college!)

    Best of luck with everything, sounds like it’s going to be awesome! <3

  2. Lily says:

    I will miss reading your blog…it’s been nice to hear how a gal with such similar goals to myself is getting through this part of life. Good luck, hope life stays REALLY good, and I hope to hear from you again!

  3. Country Girl says:

    *hugs* I will miss reading new posts, but I am so stoked to hear how well everything is going. Best of luck with Teacher’s College (though, I don’t think you’ll need it) and everything that follows. Happy trails my friend!

  4. some guy says:

    Good night sweet rabbit

  5. Another one bites the dust. I hope you’ll still leave the site up for a good long time so people can find it as a resource in the years to come. Best of luck in the new life you’ve built for yourself. I hope you’ll find a reason to come back now and then and add a speck of wisdom among the cobwebs.

    • Money Rabbit says:

      Hey there, yeah, the site will remain up. I have the domain name and the hosting paid for until November 2012. Then I’ll reassess, but who knows? We’ll see :)

  6. Nooooooooooooo.

    Although I recently did the same thing.

  7. SP says:

    Oh no! So sorry, but I totally understand. Thanks for sharing so much of your life with us – good luck in all your future endeavors!

  8. Iffy says:

    That was wonderfully written. I have never thought of it this way, although it seems I’ve lived most of my life like that.
    Have fun, is all I can say. Have fun.

  9. Hope you return one day. Until then you’ll remain in my “favs” folder in my RSS Reader.
    Best of luck going forward MR.

  10. Jordann says:

    This is so sad! I have really enjoyed reading your blog, particularly because it is one of the first PF blogs I had stumbled upon way back when. Good luck to you, and I look forward to hearing from you on Twitter.

  11. jolie says:

    How sad for your readers but how exciting for you as you move on towards teachers college. You have so many adventures ahead of you. Hopefully there will be a wee update here and there along the journey, even if it is not a regular thing.

  12. Sunny says:

    You will be missed. I hope life brings you true happiness in whatever you endeavor to do. Take care. All the best.

  13. This is very sad news :(
    I will miss hearing about your escapades.
    Will keep in touch on twitter!

  14. Cait says:

    Friend, I’m going to miss your posts more than you’ll know. But I’m proud of you for listening to your head and heart and doing what’s best for you. I hope to be in Toronto at least once (in September), if not twice, this year, and you’d better believe we’re going for coffee when I’m there! Stick w/ Twitter, so we can know how you’re doing in school, etc. And have a great trip to Florida! xoxo

  15. I’m happy for you, and I wish you the best in everything you do. :) The PF blogosphere won’t be the same without you, so I’m secretly hoping you’ll come back. And if you don’t, then I’ll just stalk you when I get to Toronto in September. You’ve been warned.

  16. As much as I will miss reading your blog (and am hoping that you’ll come back one day), I can understand your wanting to listen to your inner voice and focusing on your own intuition away from the blog. It’s so tempting to “blah blah blah” the pros and cons of every move, and obsessing about them even further when you have a blog. But in the end, no change is risk free and I think we’d all be better off just focusing on our own inner intuition.

    Glad you’re leaving your site up. It’ll give me a chance to read your older posts that were written before I discovered your blog!

  17. Dee says:

    Thanks for all the great content, and have a great race, Money Rabbit!

  18. Kay says:

    oye! you can’t go off like this :) okay, I get it! you can. I did it twice. I ditched my blogs twice as soon as I felt I am ready to move on and did move onto other parts of my life as well, so I can understand where you are coming from.

    Good luck, my friend! I’ll miss ya!

  19. I have enjoyed reading your blog, but I totally understand being busy. I will keep you in my reader so as to be updated as soon as you make a new post.

  20. I’ll miss your blog but glad you’re so happy in life :) Good luck with teacher’s college and everything else!

  21. Juan says:

    Good Bye Rabbit! I have loved your blog, and has always brought some sort of clarity to my shrouded life. Perhaps you’ll come back, but such is life, and if the path you choose is to make you happy, I’m sure I can speak for anyone else that we full support your future endeavors, 100%.

    Good luck, and may the Force be with you!


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