My 2012 Goals are at the bottom of the page and colour coded by category, but here is a quick recap of my 2011 goals and what I accomplished.

2011 Goals - How I Did

2011 Financial Goals

  • Pay off remainder of car loan by December 31st 2011, remaining sum of $10,593 (DONE – September 30, 2011)
  • Invest a minimum of $2000 into my RRSP (DONE – Christmas Bonus invested, $2000)
  • Build an emergency fund of $10,000 (FAIL – I used my emergency fund and stocks to pay off my car. Current emergency fund: $1650)
  • Bring in an additional $5000 through freelancing and writing. UPDATED:  Bring in an additional $40,000 through freelancing. (FAIL – I based this number upon commission that I would be earning as a realtor on the side. As I changed my focus and no longer want to be in sales, I have earned closer to $1500ish through side writing. I would like to double this number in 2012).
  • Save up enough money to travel to Kilimanjaro in 2012 ($4000) and enough for a trip to Europe ($2000)  (FAIL - current travel fund is $830, but I will be travelling with the boyfriend to Florida in February)
  • Get my networth up to $35,000 (FAIL – current networth is around $20,000)

2011 Personal Goals

  • Run 500km total by December 31st, 2011. (FAIL – but it was close. I’d guestimate I’ve run approximately 300+ kms in 2011)
  • Get my full G license (DONE – March 9, 2011)
  • Meditate on a daily basis (FAIL)
  • Travel somewhere warm and tropical by December 31st 2011 (preferably Costa Rica). (FAIL – but it was close. Going to Florida in February!)
  • Run a 5km race (DONE – May 15, 2011)
  • Run a 10km race (FAILbut training for the half instead)
  • Complete a Spartan Race (FAIL – but I will be doing this in 2012 with a group of people)
  • Complete a triathlon (DONE – August 27, 2011)
  • Go to the gym four times per week (3 times working out, 1 class minimum) (DONE – though not at the beginning.  It took awhile, but I am definitely achieving this now)
  • Write a minimum of 3 posts per week on Money Rabbit (DONE – I’ve written 138 posts)
  • Finish a novel (FAIL – but I have great ideas for 2012)
  • Learn how to do a free-standing hand stand (FAIL – NEXT YEAR!)

2012 Goals

  1. Have a total of $5000 in my emergency fund
  2. Save $10,000 for my education
  3. Take additional courses needed to get into Teacher’s College
  4. Get accepted into Teacher’s College
  5. Put $1000 into my RRSP
  6. Earn $5000 in side/freelancing income
  7. Buy a better commuting bicycle
  8. Run 1000km in 2012
  9. Be able to do a free-standing handstand
  10. Learn Parkour
  11. Complete my 30k Around the Bay in under 3.5 hours
  12. Complete the Half Ironman Triathlon in under 7 hours
  13. Complete a Spartan Race
  14. Work out at the gym 3 times per week on average
  15. Perfect my overhand beach volleyball serve
  16. Take dance classes (jazz, hip hop, or bellydance)
  17. Write a minimum of 10 chapters of a novel
  18. Read 3 books per month
  19. Begin a consistent meditation practice, at least 3 times per week.
  20. Seek out opportunities for volunteer work, specifically with education and with low-income demographics.
  21. Create a new community initiative (sustainability project, gardening, youth sports, etc.)
  22. Set up a long-term life strategy to incorporate more travel, more projects, more writing, more exercise, and more awesome.

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12 Responses to “2012 Goals”

  1. Mother Miser says:

    Wow! That is quite an ambitious list. Best of luck!

  2. Dan says:

    Where are you thinking of taking additional classes for teachers college credits? I have a friend that is looking to do the same thing. Athabasca? Ryerson? (Located in T-O as well)

    • Money Rabbit says:

      Well, I’m a graduate of Queen’s, so I’m hoping to do it all through Queen’s to keep my transcript consistent. It’s easier because it means automatic acceptance into the course as long as I have the prerequisites, and it’ll boost my average. I graduated with a 79.9 percent average (brutal) and if I get above 80 on these courses then I’ll get retroactive honours.

      • Money Rabbit says:

        Scratch that. I just had my advising appointment through Queen’s, and they told me that Athabasca offers the best range of options. I emailed OISE and they told me that credits from Athabasca are fine. I took a look at the courses and I’m in LOVE. Queen’s has one correspondence course that I can take, in a subject that I’m not really interested in. Athabasca has 37 courses. WOW.

        • Athabasca hmmm…teaching (was) is still something I am considering getting into. I personally want to teach high school. How do you figure how many additional courses you need to take in the two fields that you want to teach? I am pretty sure I need to take additional courses in those two fields that I am interested.

          • Money Rabbit says:

            Depends where you are. In Ontario, in order to teach high school, you need two subject “teachables.” Each teachable has a different eligibility amount. For example, you can become an art teacher if you have years of experience as a working artist. Same with theatre. But for English, History, French, Sciences, it’s very different. I’m one credit shy of having English as my second teachable, so I have to go through Athabasca. I’d suggest doing some research or talking to some recent teachers if you know any.

  3. Iffy says:

    Those are some brilliant goals. I believe I must steal quite a few ideas for myself off that list. Which reminds me – I should make a list.
    Thanks for being such a lovely inspiration. I wish you a whole lot of energy for keeping up with your ambition. :)

    P.S. That number 8 seems thoroughly crazy, though. If you get anywhere near 1000km ran in the next twelve months I’ll be in some serious awe. But write that stuff down. Guesstimates will not do. :D

  4. Country Girl says:

    That’s a great list of goals. I am super impressed with your fitness accomplishments. If you’re looking for strategies for setting up a community initiative, you might want to check out a methodology called Community-Based Social Marketing.

  5. Great goals! You are inspiring lady, I really need to do a list like this!

  6. Two Degrees says:

    As you might have remembered, I wasn’t able to serve overhand. When I took the clinic with Em back in October, what allowed me to serve perfectly is to keep mr fist closed. My instructor made me and I was amazed that suddenly i had these AMAZING serves!! What it did was force me to straighten my arm in my overhand swing. Try it!

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